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2020年10月03日,艺术家曾扬个展 “无量” 将在妙有艺术隆重开幕。

We are honored to announce that the solo exhibition of artist Zeng Yang ‘Wu Ling’ will be grandly opened on the 3th of October. in MOUart Gallery.

阿弥陀无量寿世界 3/ Amitabha has a world of infinite NO.3


绢本,纯金箔,墨,刻绘 / Silk scroll,Pure gold foil,Scribing



Wu Lliang

艺术家 曾扬



2020.10.03 16:00



从逻辑到超逻辑,一元到唯心 ,你怎么看世界,世界就怎么看你。


中国的线是活的在作者的呼吸之间,轻重缓急、飘逸流畅、拙滞停顿都与作者的修养格局,身心一致同体。吴道子《八十七神仙卷》线条流利通畅,气韵通达饱满,线条组成的神仙世界,观者即闻声乐 ,见气势 ,身心入境。这应是艺术家心胸旷达,心手合一的结果。

曾扬用钢针镂刻的无量寿世界 :亭台、楼阁、精舍、讲堂森严华美,奇鸟、珍宝、植物花卉、河流云彩等万物想象绮丽,精妙异常。他的线条组成的世界亦是气韵生动,但不是吴道子的那样恢弘气势庞大,曾扬是一位在家修行的居士,看他的画,有一种站高高山 行深深海的超然与寂静。南宋的院体绘画,和明代的馆阁体书法,在我看来 也是艺术家收敛了自己,在一种范式里再现自己。它不是一种对自由意志的限制,更是一种新秩序里自由。

“无量“在佛教里指 :慈 悲 喜 舍,在艺术里指“学养与品格” 谢谢。

"Wu Liang" This is Zeng Yang's second solo exhibition in MouArt after the "Monk and Artist" residency exhibition at Mumu Art Museum. Thanks to Mr. Huang Jue and Ms. Zhou Xun, to Dior China, to Mr. "Don't do business" for his generous collection, to Lin Han and Mrs. Wan Wan from MWOODS Museum for their selfless and enthusiastic support and help.

The lines in Chinese paintings are alive between the author's breath, the priority, the smoothness, the awkward stagnation, and the author's cultivation pattern. The body and mind are the same. Wu Daozi's "Eighty Seven Immortals Scroll" has fluent and unobstructed lines, expressive and full vigor, and the immortal world composed of lines, the viewer can hear the vocal music and see the momentum. Entry physically and mentally. This should be the result of the artist's broad-mindedness and unity of heart and hands.

The world of 'Wu Liang' engraved by Zeng Yang with steel needles: pavilions, towers, pavilions, residences, lecture halls are magnificent and gorgeous, strange birds, precious plants, flowers, rivers, clouds and other things are beautifully imagined and exquisite. The world composed of his lines is also vivid, but not Wu Daozi's majestic and majestic, Zeng Yang is a layman who practices at home. Looking at his paintings, there is a kind of detachment and silence of standing high in the mountains and walking into the deep sea. The courtyard-style painting of the Southern Song Dynasty and the Guange-style calligraphy of the Ming Dynasty, in my opinion, are also artists who have curtailed themselves and reproduced themselves in a paradigm. It is not a restriction on free will, but a kind of freedom in a new order.

"Wu Liang" in Buddhism means: compassion and joy, and in art it means "learning and character" Thank you.

习却 Xi Que

阿弥陀无量寿世界 5/ Amitabha has a world of infinite NO.5


绢本,纯金箔,墨,刻绘 / Silk scroll,Pure gold foil,Scribing



人类是个二元系统,宗教与科技是这二元系统的两个端点。人类历史就是在这两个端点间不断平衡的过程。宗教如果崩溃,科技也将消失。2020的异常也许正是这个二元系统再平衡的过程。 很多预言显示,未来宗教将缩减或者归为一教。如果这成为事实,那代表科技与宗教的合一,科技成为技术层面宗教,宗教成为灵性的科学。这样的合一,人类将再次达到平衡。


道在低处,低处有道,高处有险。经,咒,不是用来理解意义与修行的工具。它的作用是“门”,门的作用是“通过”。如果存在顶层设计,那么把“门”设定成低维的存在,这显示了一种慈悲。 法门如同夜空的群星,该如何选择,越原始的存在越具有决定性,稳定性,和奠基性。回到传统宗教中,寻找并摘取里面最明亮的那颗。


When people's attention stays on a series of obvious events in 2020, they forget a hidden event that happened a few years ago. The energy of this hidden event exceeds the sum of all major events in 2020, and maybe it was the start of this series of anomalies-the publication of a book, which was translated into more than 20 languages, sold tens of millions of copies, and became a pandemic in the world. This is "A Brief History of Humankind". This is not a thick book, but easily shakes the foundation of human religion, and religion faces collapse in front of it. It is even possible to divide religion into the stages before and after "A Brief History of Humankind" period. After this book, it will be difficult for human beings to believe in traditional religions.

Human beings are a dual system, religion and technology are the two endpoints of this dual system. Human history is a process of constant balance between these two endpoints. If religion collapses, technology will disappear. The anomaly of 2020 may be the process of rebalancing this binary system. Many prophecies show that in the future, religion will be reduced or integrated into one religion. If this becomes a fact, it represents the unity of technology and religion. Technology becomes a technology-level religion, and religion becomes a spiritual science. With this unity, humankind will reach equilibrium again.

The Dharma-mukha is immortal. In the future, Dharma-mukha will be separated from religion. Religion will grow and stay in vain, and Dharma-mukha will last. The language of the interpretation method will be changed. The root of the method lies in the word "rejection". How to choose depends on which dimension people use to classify the world. The simplest classification of everything in the world is "Yin and Yang". This is not enough, because there is no choice, we must classify "Yin and Yang" into one category and discard it. Then in this world, is there another type that transcends Yin and Yang? Yes. The word is the whole of the method. Sutras and mantras are another category that exists beyond Yin and Yang. Even if they are still dressed in Yin and Yang. They are doors, behind which leads to another world.

Tao is low, low is Tao, high is dangerous. Sutras and mantras are not tools for understanding meaning and practice. Its function is "gate", and the function of gate is "pass". If there is a top-level design, then the "door" is set as a low-dimensional existence, which shows a kind of compassion. Dharma-mukha is like the stars in the night sky, how to choose, the more primitive the existence, the more decisive, stable, and foundational. Go back to traditional religion, look for and pick the brightest one.

Wu Liang,that is, the name of the six characters, is the pure land itself, and the destination of Ni

曾扬 Zeng Yang

曾扬 Zeng Yang

1981年出生于昆明,现工作生活于北京。近期个展包括:“无量”,妙有艺术,北京(2020);地山谦”,妙有艺术,北京(2019);“法之门”,梧桐院子,北京( 2018 );“百幅极乐图”,善导书屋,北京(2018);“僧侣与艺术家”,木木美术馆,北京(2018);“一元阿弥陀”,妙有艺术,北京(2017)

Zeng Yang, Born in Kunming in 1981. Currently and lives in Beijing. Recent Solo exhibition include: “Wu Liang”,MouArt, Beijing(2020) ; “Di Shanqian”,MouArt, Beijing (2019) ; "The Gate of the Law (double exhibition)", Wutong Courtyard, Beijing (2018) ; “Hundreds of bliss pictures”, Good Guide Book House, Beijing (2018) ; “Monks and Artists”, MWOODS MUSEUM , Beijing (2018) ; “One Amitabha”,MouArt, Beijing (2017).

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